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  1. What's your YouTube Channel?
  2. A better way to ID true spiders than bug guides?
  3. Hitch's happy dance.
  4. Tarantula Knowledge
  5. Bukowski brushing his fangs
  6. Hestia's Dinner Dance (the Nom Nom song)
  7. robot spider
  8. Bum scratching bananza!
  9. ID book for trues?
  10. Do NOT buy this T Book!!!
  11. Zumbul's video production
  12. Cricket care for dummies.
  13. Aphonopelma sp. Texas Tarantula molting
  14. How to: Embed Youtube Videos!
  15. Vid of rehousing P. Irminia
  16. Vid B. smithi
  17. Vid Rehousing my A. behlei
  18. b vagans feeding and dance
  19. g. pulchripes and b. albopilosum feeding
  20. The Tarantula Keeper"s Guide Updates!
  21. Vid: Stridulating tarantula - edit- was wrong
  22. JSI's fave YT vids!
  23. Vid: Rehousing H. maculata
  24. I thought this video was pretty neat
  25. Animated Spider
  26. Youtube Audioswap Down?
  27. Aphonpelma sp. Carlsbad Green Wild Mating
  28. Tarantula study on Metabolism and feeding response
  29. T documentary
  30. Emails between S Schultz:: TKG 4th edition release
  31. Baby Tarantulas seek out Mama!
  32. Meet Madam Octa!
  33. Short Tarantula Films.
  34. Tickleing tarantula video
  35. LP molting vid-sped up
  36. T. plumipes MM loading palps-Vid
  37. Euathlus sp. 'blue' molting -Vid
  38. Leg hair reacting to movement
  39. A. versi drinks from straw!
  40. Jam. x Domest. crix drink from straw!
  41. Laughing Rats!!!!
  42. Shake ya grooove thang....
  43. Love tarantulas
  44. P. pulcher stomping tactic
  45. One on one with Diva.
  46. Backyard Spidie
  47. book suggestions
  48. Diversipes vs Camera
  49. Do the 6 Legged Shuffle with Hitch!
  50. My Youtube channel
  51. Very cool mom with babies!
  52. spiderengineer videos
  53. Hairless dumbo rat gets a bath
  54. True Spider Docu-Must see!
  55. Amazing Jumping Spider doesn't give up!
  56. Two new videos, including hentzi breeding
  57. Hentzi breed #2
  58. Rick West's Spidermania...
  59. Tarantula eating (Part 2)
  60. B. Angustum eating vid
  61. T drinking
  62. My L. parahybana Sling Feeding Video...(12/3/13)
  63. My T Stirmi Sling Feeding Video...
  64. Brazilian Pink BirdEater Feeding Video:)
  65. GBB Decorating her New Envlosure video
  66. My OBT Drinking Water Video
  67. My Tarantula Video
  68. Robugtix spider
  69. What?
  70. Why don't spiders stick to their own web?
  71. A must read book list
  72. The Brown Recluse Spider
  73. Tarantula Australias Doc
  74. Tarantulas: Breeding Experience & Wildlife
  75. Great Tarantula animated site
  76. Merry Christmas Eve gifts
  77. Neat book- The Genus Avicularia
  78. Bugmom's Tarantula Videos