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This forum and domain as well as the administrators, moderators or any other agent of or pertaining to TarantulasUS are not liable for any products, goods or services which may be offered on the site. All transactions or disputes must be made with the original seller offering the goods or service.

Any advertisements or threads posted on this board are not necessarily the opinions of this board or its agent’s. We are not liable for any information or advertisements that may get posted here.

We will do our best to moderate and keep the scammers off, but we are only human and people may slip through the cracks at times. By posting on this board, you agree that your post may be deleted or edited in any way at any time by any of the moderators or agents of this board.

If posting an advertisement for anything that may be potentially lethal or may pose a severe medically significant threat to humans, you MUST make it known in that thread and post a disclaimer about it. You also must not sell to anyone under the age of 18 for these species AND MAKE THAT KNOWN in the thread. The post will be subject to deletion without notice if this rule is violated. In addition to this, we are not liable for anything bought or sold on this board that may result in injury or death.

Pre-sales or advertising a product, good or service that is not yet ready to sell is absolutely NOT allowed on this forum. Nobody is able to guarantee that a future event will happen or that stock that you are waiting on won't die, get lost, escape etc before it is in your hands and ready to go. Agreement, monetary transfer or payment should absolutely NOT occur until shipment is ready. Violation of this will result in deletion of post with or without notice. Multiple violations can and will result in infractions, banning from selling or complete termination of user account on this board.

Please immediately report any potentially harmful advertisements that may be posted so we may be aware of and review the content. If you are unsure of whether a product requires a disclaimer, PLEASE contact the moderation staff and we’ll review and discuss the matter.

We recommend that you write up a review for any person you buy from and look at past reviews of any seller before attempting to make a deal or sale with them. This may be done in our seller review forum. In doing so, you help everyone out by being able to read people’s past experiences and to help determine whether the seller has a good or bad sales history. Please keep this section factual. Any negative reviews in particular, be sure to post facts and not resort to name calling or the post might get edited or deleted. We want people to be aware of any issues but name calling is uncalled for no matter how bad the experience might have been.

An added note: Please be aware that shipping tarantulas and certain other animals via USPS or other carriers may be against their policy or even against the law. We do not in any way condone it nor are we liable for anyone or anything that is shipped. Do your homework and be aware of local and federal laws.

Thank you all for your consideration and help in keeping this a safe and friendly place for all.
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

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