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Forum Rules
General Forum Rules
I'll keep it sweet and simple.

You agree to moderated speech when you join "any" forum.
If you're looking for absolute freedom of speech good luck finding it anywhere.

"You warrant that you will not post any messages, threads, links to sites or cross links from sites that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws."
The above includes names or user names considered to be in poor taste.

Do not post links that may have inappropriate content for members of ANY age to include but is not limited to: have bad language, violence, obscene or vulger content etc. If we feel it is inappropriate, we will remove the link and necessary actions will be taken. Be aware that links posted that are open to public content or commenting will be moderated as best as we can but we are only human and may not catch everything.

Any form of belittling, name calling, harassment, sexual innuendos, instigating and trolling is prohibited.

This forum is not a platform for alcohol, drugs, gambling, political or religious viewpoints.

This forum will not be used to display or condone violence or weapons.

Keep the cussing, swearing, colorful metaphors, minced oath, pseudo-profanity or expletive-deletive in check (Bad Language) !
It is not needed nor tolerated.
We do not care if it's simply stated, aimed at a group or individual, it's still the same.

Spamming to advertise other Forums or vice versa is prohibited.
Spamming to advertise or links to other Forums or vice versa is prohibited, we have censors to block links to other Tarantula Forum URL’s.
We consider it poor taste and disrespectful to other forums as well as this one.
Soliciting members from this forum for membership drives is not permitted and we ask our members to show the same respect if you visit other forums.

Creating a Social Network page (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and such) using the TarantulasUS name or logo is prohibited. Only the Owner or Moderator of this Forum has the authority.

Mailinator and emails from similar will not be accepted.
Your membership will be banned.

GFM (GoFundMe) links are not allowed. Such links will be deleted. This is NOT debatable.

Keep business and conflicts from other forums there, not here.

Blatant use of copyright material without the owners permission or material made publicly available is prohibited.

We do not condone the hybridization of any genus or species, if anyone tries to sell them here the ad will be removed and a Moderator will notify the member of the deletion of that ad.

The Forum ChatBox is for small talk.
It is not an internet "Auction and Sales" board.
Use "The For Sale" Forum for this purpose.
*When selling here, PREsales are not allowed. Taking money for something that is not ready to ship creates way too many issues and conflicts. Only sell things that are ready to go.
Make appropriate reviews in the "Sellers Information" Forum.
If you need something place it in "The Wanted" Forum.

The ChatBox is not the place to settle arguments, disputes, petty bickering or sales follow ups.
Use the PM system, an IM, phone or email for this purpose.
Your business is not our business.

Do not claim to be a Moderator or agent of this forum unless you are ACTUALLY a Moderator or agent of this forum.

Multiple single user accounts are not permitted.

The Moderators are agents of Tarantula Forum and reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason with or without notification.

If an Admin, Supermoderator, or Moderator sends you a Private Message: Do not ignore it. Answer it. Failure to answer will result in disciplinary action.

In short, "It's our way or the internet highway".

Thank you for acting like a civilized human being,
The Mod Staff

An added note for those displaying handling photos.
Most boards do not allow them to be posted.
Please include a similar disclaimer in your handling post or thread.
Copy/paste this one if you like.

DISCLAIMER - Handling tarantulas with potent venom is not advised or endorsed by this forum. In certain cases of envenomation, hospitalization has been required. Please use caution when dealing with these species.

If you need to report a post or thread use the triangle icon in the lower left corner of the post in question.
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

 I have read, and agree to abide by the Tarantulas US rules.