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    Thread: P rufilata, no appetite...

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      By hooks, you do mean Emboli right? ... Poecilotheria don't have Tibial Hooks.. .. I'd also expect you'd see noticeable reduction in colors with a male's maturity, Dorsal And Ventral. Also, Similar to Psalmopoeus, Adult males become more fuzzy than maybe you were used to, Like a teddy bear, but not nearly as Puffy/Fuzzy as Psalmopoeus. Finally, an Adult male P. rufilata I believe should look more Rusty/Reddish.

      Are you keeping them communal? I really do suggest Tong Feeding Pokies (communal or not). I know it seems a bit absurd, and maybe a little scary. But.. I feel as though Pokies really Dislike digging for their food, (I've found burrowed roaches in Hungry Pokie Communals before!) where as other species are more willing to unearth prey. With tong feeding though, you end up with wanderers Much less because you know the item was captured. If they don't eat, either they don't eat, try smaller, or they don't eat.

      And In the case of Communal keeping, Tong feeding allows you to feed the aggressive ones first, They'll often cross a fairly large terrarium for food, even for small prey items. And the The smallest spiders can then get fed larger prey items without any worry of having food stolen from them. Secondly, I also feel like you gain a deeper, more intimate relationship with the spiders. And lastly, I feel like Tong feeding helps build confidence (in spider and keeper), and it may produce spiders that are much less nervous, than the typical behavior of a Pokie.

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      It's been over a year since their last molt, so I do question their verility and fertility. This T has just never been one to hang out on the glass, where I could see their undersides, so I've never even tried to guess the gender.

      I don't know if they're, hooks, emboli, I don't know, I just got a glimpse of matching red dots under the longest front legs, that I assumed had more to them than that.
      The rest of your description is quite accurate though. They are fuzzier than the females I'm more used to seeing pictures of, and they are definitely rusty/reddish colored. In fact, I had been wondering if I had been caring for them badly, because mine was not showing the more vibrant greens and yellows I was expecting.

      I've never tried tongs, because I still struggle with arachnophobia, but it would be a new step to overcoming that problem. I don't use any burrowing feeders anymore, but the hissers do get sneaky from time to time.

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      For reference (not my pic). Male and female:

      Borrowed from jmugleston.

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