I have to give Anastasia thumbs down. At the Hamburg show I approached her table thrilled to check out her stuff and talk to her. She was sitting with her back turned towards her table talking to another vendor about her cats she breeds. I scanned what she had waiting for a greeting or even a nod or a look. For 10 minutes I scanned finally I said excuse me and asked her about a few specific spiders. She briefly answered me, not getting up or paying me much attention then resumed her conversation not caring if I wanted to buy or not, so I chose not. Her prices were higher than her website some of them even 50$ more. So between her apparent disinterest and jacked up prices I'm saying no. I will buy from Alfie at Kamels, and Jamie's online, but I will never give Netbug the time of day. Not sure how she got a popular reputation but it's totally overrated.