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Pamphobeteus machalla "purple bloom" pair (2"+) - $175 (only one pair avail.)

Pamphobeteus nigricolor "blue bloom" pair (2+") - $150

Caribena versicolor 1/2" - $30 ea

Grammastola pulchra 1/4"- $40 ea
(Inquire for bulk prices)

N. incei "gold" 1/2" - $30 ea

B. vagans adult female- $85

O. aureotibialis adult female- $100

B. albiceps sub adult female 3+"- $250
(Pair $350)

P. muticus 1"- $35 ea

P. rufilata 8+" MONSTER ADULT FEMALE- $250 (possibly gravid)

2+" juvie female P. cancerides- $65

1.25-1.5" female B. albiceps- $150

1.25-1.5" female B. epicuraneum- $175

1.25-1.5" P. regalis- $35 ea

2" P. rufilata- $45 ea

Adult female H. sp. KLEIN- $150

1" M. mesomelas- $100

4.5+" CAPTIVE born (parents bred healthy in captivity- both parents from different lines)- $250

Adult female P. reduncus- $150

TOS: LAG on express shipping only. Must report any issues within 2 hours of delivery. Any doa's reported within given time frame with pics will receive a replacement if available. If not, i will refund purchase price only. I do not refund shipping for any reason. Must be available at time of delivery to receive package. Any packages returned to courier facility at any time for any reason will result in void lag with no refunds. Please inquire about bulk/multiple purchases and discounts. Thank you all and have a nice day!

Payment: debit/credit, postal money order, check (must clear my account prior to my shipping).