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    Thread: I need a top for my tank

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      I need a top for my tank

      I have no patience to do it myself does anyone know a place that sells plexi glass tops that lock that will fit my 5 gallon tank?

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      Welcome to the forum Star. ..

      Hmm.. A Plexi lid?? don't believe one is commercially available. It would be more likely to find one for a 10 Gal... and I don't know of one either... .. Best advice is to build it, either DIY... All the way.. or.. only half DIY. Depending on if you know how to cut Acrylic / Plexi, if you don't know how, check out Youtube... Or have it Cut professionally. "Acrylic" is getting more difficult to find for DIY people. and can be fairly expensive. But can be found at Home/Auto Glass shops. Don't go to a Framing shop, their Plexi is usually true Acrylic, but they will over charge you for 'UV resistence' properties that I believe inherent to Acrylic anyways LOL... Home/Auto Glass Shops are Much Cheaper... just tell them the measurements and they can cut it pretty quickly... then drill/melt your own holes.. and check out 3M products for handles. if your going to cut the glass by yourself, a number of general merchandise and even Hardware stores only carry "Optix" it is strong stuff and will work.. .. but kinda flimsy, so it's difficult to brake, So... .. be very careful if you try to do this yourself... Use ONE Good Score on each side, with a Knife! NOT a diamond tipped scorer, or a diamond imbeded wheel, or any type of Glass cutter.. ... Just a Sharply Tipped Knife for Acrylic and Plexi, is pretty important. Blade side down, and don't let it stray from the line you want to cut, Clamp the entire length of the plastic as Tightly as you can!! And 'Fold' the plexi/acrylic, till it brakes. it is pretty important to "Fold" it as sharply as you can, as opposed to "bending" it. Glass and true Acrylic are a bit more forgiving in the way of bending. But the longer the cut... the less forgiving any of these products will be in clamping tightly and folding that scored edge. Can't stress this enough to be careful tho... Sharp objects braking and moving quite suddenly, can leave you with deep gashes... I could show you some really good looking scars! ... Then again... we do learn by making mistakes. lol

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      I have ordered Zoomed screen lids from online if you want to go that route.
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      Just a thought. Buy a screen lid for a five gallon tank and the fasten a piece of acrylic that is cut to fit the underside of the screen lid. Then you can drill however many holes in the acrylic that you want. (Before you attach it to the screen lid of course) You can get acrylic at Lowes or Home Depot. Feel free to PM me if you want help figuring it out.
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